Website copywriting + content strategy for women who mean business.

About pages. Slippery Little suckers.


How do I sound professional, but not pretentious?

How do I sound fun, not fake?

How do I make customers like me?

How do I make people trust me?

What do I even write about?

Writing your own About page is a special kind of torture. In an ideal world, About pages would write themselves. I’d also have a walk-in shoe closet and a morning routine that didn’t include plucking rogue hairs from my chin.

The sliver lining in all this though, is that I’ve had the privilege of writing About pages for graphic designers, accountants, photographers, bridal couture designers, lipstick entrepreneurs, makeup artists and bloggers. All incredible entrepreneurs. All struggling to communicate their brand’s je ne sais quoi.

And it’s precisely that - the almost inexplicable magic of your business - that deserves more than your qualifications and career milestones squeezed into a pretty word document.

(And throwing some light and shade with cute references to your star sign and / or favourite foods won’t cut it either. Soz.)

Given the number of hits it your About page receives, this baby needs to come into the ring swinging. 

We’re sailing past the tight-collared and (yawn) mass produced About pages and diving deep, to where your genius, wisdom and passion lies. Because in a vast sea of businesses, it’s only the scroll-stopping, human, punch-in-the-gut content that will set you and your business apart.


Take a peek at what I’ve written for my clients: