"Start a blog," they said.  "It’ll be fun," they said. "Oh, golly you’re so good at writing, " they said. "Great for business, " they said.

Until it wasn't fun. And you hated writing. And this darling little blog sucked more energy from your business than it returned, and you died inside just a little e'rrrry time you and your team meeting wasted another meeting on ideas for engaging, SEO focused content complete with butt-kicking topics and headlines.  Blog post writing (how fun, how quaint!) is a serious time-sucker for businesses, yet it can be the very thing that helps your enquiries, sales and brand go from strength to strength. Sigh.

Time for a show of hands. Who'd rather stick a fork in their eye than come up with regular, shareable, borderline-genius blog posts topics and headlines?

* Everyone within earshot raises both hands. Holding forks.*

Righto, time for me to roll up my sleeves, throw back a coffee, boot up the laptop, put on some killer lippy and get this show on the road.  Starring you, and your wonderful business.



Option #1

  • 45 minute strategy session fleshing out business goals, tackling your blogging headaches and nailing down your target market (and what they're really buying from you). 

  • Receive a grand total of 26 blog post topics and/or titles within 10 business days based specifically around your business' products or services.

  • Plus my bonus guide that'll help you write a blog post in 5 easy steps and some ideas for extra blog posts down the track.

  • The cost? All of this for $290 AUD

  • Time and sanity saved? CAN'T. EVEN.

Option #2

  • 60 minute mastermind where we'll deconstruct the core challenges you face with blog content creation and impact, then devise a plan of attack to get you moving forward with a clear content strategy. We’ll even peg down your blog post schedule. Boom.

  • Hand me your order for a set of originally crafted blog posts (6 or more) and I’ll get to work. Professionally structured to engage your target audience, they’ll feature a cohesive brand voice and explore exciting content topics with a whole lotta style.

  • Order up! A series of bright and shiny blog posts will land in your inbox (magic!) complete with SEO-focused headlines and keywords. While I call these first drafts, many a client has uploaded their new content on the spot, shook my hand and declared, “Oh my word, I could KISS you!”

  • 30-MINUTE REVISION MEETING within one week of your first drafts arriving so we can iron out any creases (and catch up on the gossip).

  • AN EXTRA BUFF AND POLISH. Any revisions discussed with be tended to and delivered with love, within 5 business days.



Can't decide? Let's jump on the phone for a quick chinwag and discover what will be the best fit for you.


I’ve written for photographers, accountants, graphic designers, dentists, sustainable living experts, makeup artists, financial advisors, lipstick creators, even other writers. All seeking SEO-focused, intelligent content that cuts through the noise and has their audience sitting up and listening.