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Bridie Archer is the owner of Begin Bright, Croydon.  Bridie is a qualified primary and secondary teacher and tutor with over 10 years of teaching experience. She was an Ausmumpreneur nominee as an Emerging Ausmumpreneur Of The Year 2016, and awarded New Franchise of the Year 2016 by the Begin Bright network. She is a mum of three children.

You can read more about her business HERE and on Facebook and Instagram @croydonbeginbright.

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Tell us about your business.

Begin Bright Croydon is a School Readiness, Primary School Tutoring and School Holiday Workshop program that offers programs to children.

What do your clients love most about your services?

Our School Readiness Classes compliment kindergarten programs, providing children with an introduction to letters through phonics and numbers through fun and engaging activities and characters. We work with children to prepare them for “Big School” so we get them used to following routines, work on fine motor-skill development, writing their name, etc. We offer small groups which is beneficial for not only learning but forming relationships. Our Primary School Tutoring sessions work with individual children or small groups with a maximum of three students. Each child has an individual learning program which is designed around their interests, works with their strengths, develops their weaknesses and to allow children to experience at their own level. Our School Holiday workshops are fun and dynamic and often children with the opportunity to engage in science or craft based activities, they can attend 2 hour sessions or the whole day. All of our services are designed to be fun and engaging and to foster a love of learning and develop children’s self-esteem and confidence. Our motto is we “Develop Happy, Smart and Confident Kids.”

What are the key philosophies that have helped create success in business for you? 

1. Relationships are key to any successful relationship.

2. Being active within the local community and networking with other small businesses in the area and

3. Respect and Inclusion; being respectful of others, their thoughts and ideas.

What challenges you as a business owner that you'd love to learn more about?

Cash-flow is definitely my most challenging aspect of running a small business. I’m a teacher by trade; the business world and managing a small business is new to me!

The most important advice you'd offer someone starting out in business? 

Back yourself 100%, don’t have any doubts that it will work, have a strong and reliable team that is passionate about the growing the business as you are. Get out into the community, utilise social media and be true to yourself and your vision.

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