Always on a journey

The word VIBRANT definitely describes my personality, and my business too!

When it comes to business I believe in designing your own path, granting your own wishes, switching off the noise and just going for it! Learn as you go. Take moments to sit back from your creation, or business and look at what you’ve achieved. Put yourself in the shoes of your consumer.  Recognise your skills but don’t be afraid to ask for help with your weak points. Listen to those who believe in you and understand your purpose. Learn to listen to your gut instinct.

VoeurnChea, is from a Cambodian name. It is an amalgamation of names of my late Grandfather, who I wish I’d had the chance to have spent more time with, and my late Father who passed away when I was only three years old. Unfortunately, I don’t have even a photograph of him. I want to be reminded of my heritage. VoeurnChea is a constant reminder to always do my best and make them proud. My personal mantra, (which is also on my business cards) “I can’t turn back time, I’m doing all I can. Always on a journey, leave no regrets”. Time is of the essence and this keeps me in tune with my purpose. 

VoeurnChea was born out of my own personal need for stylish and functional travel accessory items. ‘Functionality’ was the notable word at the forefront of my mind at inception and throughout the creative process. Style and practicality do not always go hand in hand, but VoeurnChea travel accessories were born to be functional and - in my biased opinion – they are very stylish! 

I came into my business with no business background, and am very thankful for modern technology that provides instant information I’ve needed to accomplish any task. I love the fact that you can think of ‘anything’, wonder how it’s made, why it exists and just Google it! But one experience that cannot be achieved via Google is the personal touch. In modern society, having something personalised is becoming the norm but adding a ‘personal touch’ is what makes true connection with your customers.

Part of VeorunChea’s brand is to ‘surprise and delight’.  I’m a sucker for giving, and I love to send out random handwritten greeting cards or include a little gift if we know if a customer is celebrating a special occasion - just as you’d receive a letter from distant friends; no agenda, no marketing materials attached. Surprised and delighted is exactly how we like to leave our customers feeling.  Some may think it is old fashioned, but I truly believe this is a game-changer for the future in business, in what’s becoming a rare gesture.



Patsy Meecham - former Cambodian refugee, now world traveller - is the founder of VoeurnChea. Her online store showcases travel clothing and accessories that take the wearer from day to night, and across the globe without compromising style.

Patsy welcomes you to visit her via the VoeurnChea website, on Facebook or Instagram. 

Patsy Meecham

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