Always tie up your camel

One word that describes me and my business is Spirited.

Before I became a graphic designer, I was a bookkeeper. I was at a pivotal point in my career, about to embark on a 5-year accounting degree simply because I felt like it was what I "should" be doing. I desperately wanted to become a designer but I just didn't have the courage to go for it

The accounting course came with the promise of a great job, as well as financial and practical support from my employer. Studying graphic design came with no support and the prospects of getting a job at the end where slim to none!

My employer was putting a lot of pressure on me to do the course and I confided in a workmate that I'd really prefer to study graphic design. She told my boss, and to my surprise, my boss sat me down and encouraged me to follow my heart.  

That choice completely changed the course of my life and is one of the best decisions I ever made. Working closely with women to help them to rebrand their existing businesses or start new ones has resulted in many soulful experiences and close connections. I'm still in contact with clients that I worked with years ago, and watching their businesses grow fills me with so much joy!

"Put on your big girl panties!" is a silly little mantra I tell myself when I need to do something I'm feeling nervous about. It always gives me a giggle and helps to diffuse my nerves and reminds me to be brave. It may sound silly but it really works for me!

There's an ancient Arabian proverb that goes "Trust in God but always tie up your camel."  I give 100% encouragement to anyone wanting to start a business, but sadly I see too many people having to shut down their businesses before they've had a chance to become profitable because they've run out of funds. So, while I say, “go for it!” I would also caution you to protect herself. Have savings, keep your day-job. If that isn't possible, change your business model, secure a part-time job, and otherwise ensure you have financial security for the next 3 years or more.


Felicity Neal is a graphic designer with 7 years experience, working with agencies before becoming a freelance designer. She now enjoys the freedom and flexibility that comes from being her own boss. Felicity specialises in brand strategy and development and works with purpose-driven business women to create incredible brands.

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