Built on strong foundations

Empowering is one word that describes both me, and my business.

I’m Rhiannon Colarossi and I’m so thrilled to be sharing a little about myself and my work. In a nutshell, I’m a Melbourne mum of two, a former primary school teacher, well-being coach for mums, writer, speaker and founder of The Wellbeing Web.

The aim of my business is to help support mums to nurture their wellbeing. I believe that when mums take care of themselves all those around them flourish.

The mums I work with love my simple and practical wellbeing tools that can be implemented immediately into their daily routine. They also love being able to share these wellbeing tools with their family. They enjoy building up their wellbeing tool-kit and are often surprised by how a little wellbeing tweak can make a big difference to how they feel. The ripple effect that a mum’s wellbeing creates in the home is truly priceless. 

Three philosophies I swear by to build a successful business are:

1.     Invest in building meaningful business relationships.

2.     Maintain a passion for ‘my why’ and knowing the value of my work.

3.     Have unwavering self-belief in myself and in my work.

I’ve been building my business for four years now, so where to next?  I’ve created and worked on my business slowly while raising my children. Next year, both of my children will be in primary school and the capacity to grow my business will increase. It’s a very exciting time for me as there are quite a few possibilities around how my business will expand, though what it will actually look like is still taking shape. Knowing which direction to take and what aspects of my business I need to focus on are evolving and are an ongoing learning process, that’s for sure.

The single, most important piece of advice I’d offer to someone starting a new business is to take the time to build a strong foundation. Ensure you are crystal clear on your ‘why’ (the inspiration or reason you want to launch a business) and be passionate about sharing your message or product. Take time to sit with your business idea -  there’s no need to rush if you’re in it for the long haul. Having a strong foundation will help the rest of your work flow more easily, as you have created your business from a place of clarity and strength.

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Rhiannon Colarossi is the founder of The Wellbeing Web.

You can learn more about the amazing service Rhiannon is providing to families across Australia by visiting her website, Facebook  or Instagram