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Why a small dose of self-doubt can be good for you

Sometimes, having a (shortlived) pang bit of self-doubt is a healthy and important thing. It means that don’t believe you know it all. It means that you are open to learning new and improved ways of doing things that will see you grow personally, and professionally. And it means that people might be more inclined to want to sit next to you at the office Christmas party this year, because no one likes a know-it-all Nellie.

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Drop the fake accent and tell your ogre to zip it!

Launching a new business is a daunting task. From the outset, I worried about the very real possibility that NO client would be interested in knocking on this freshly painted door.

“Too inexperienced.” they’d say.

“Where's her overflowing cabinet of awards and trophies?"

“Phhhht! Not even 200 fans on Facebook?”

“Too expensive.”

This last point will often come barrelling in at top speed and full volume, swiftly sitting your pyjama-clad ass down at your kitchen bench/ make-shift office desk like nobody’s business.

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