Cancel that billboard.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. We’re about to strip it right back. No frills. No frippery. Cancel that billboard. We’re taking it back to basics. The most powerful tool you have: your word.

With nothing up your sleeve; no mega-budget, pre-sale hype or the influence of a swarm of followers, how are you going to impress? What do you want to offer the world and what will you say about it? Why is it important? How can it help us? What joy will it deliver?

I want to know your story. I’m interested to hear why you’re running this business. Don’t doubt its potential – and whatever you do, don’t doubt yours.

The little voice that says you’re out of your league (pssst! Create a league of your own) isn’t the one you should be listening to. That petulant voice suggesting that between the kids and the housework and the part-time job that’s keeping you afloat you surely don’t have enough fuel left in your tank?

Let’s cut through the noise. You have your own voice; that's your unique selling point. Take a deep breath, clear your throat. Step up onto the stage. Now, let’s choose your words wisely.