Damn, is it fulfilling.

My name is Lannie and I am a modern-day storyteller. I’m a professional photographer based in Brisbane, Australia.  Natural is one word that best describes me and my work.

When families tell me that my photography has captured the real personality and family connection, I know that I’ve delivered an exceptional product.  I love hearing just how well the essence of a home or space has been captured in my architectural photography. I get a big kick out of drawing personalities out of people or spaces alike.

Three key philosophies in business that I swear by are:

1. Always be true to you core beliefs.  Believe wholeheartedly in your business and find the why in what you do. Strive to keep your business in line with this purpose – not only will it continue to grow but you will remain passionate about it.  

2. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for feedback, in fact, I think you should actively seek it out!  Always ask for feedback, good, bad and ugly! This is where we grow.

3. Always be aware of what is new & innovative. Look at how you can incorporate these things into your work so you are always future focused and ahead of the game.

And as a bonus: Give back to your community. This year I’m working with Footprints For Brain Cancer. I donate 50% of every shoot fee to support their efforts in brain cancer research. I love that I can support my wider community in this way.

I’m a truly creative person. Something that has always challenged me as a business owner is not getting distracted all the time with only the creative aspects of my business. I need to remember that things like administration are just as important. I make it a priority to dedicate non-negotiable time into my calendar to do these kinds of jobs.

If my best friend told me they were opening a new business tomorrow, I’d encourage them to reach out – to me and others – if they had any questions. There are no silly ones by the way; running a business is such a huge learning curve! I’d tell them to make sure to avoid being stuck in the office all the time, for the sake of sanity.  And I’d also let them know, man, this is challenging! But damn, is it fulfilling. 


Check out Lannie's amazing portfolio of work at lannie.com.au, on Facebook or Instagram at @lannies photos.  

Lannie McTiernan - Wise Words, Wise Women