Determined is one word that describes me and my business.  

When I first started my business, my fourth baby was just 8 weeks old. I really did think I could do it all - I was enthusiastic and excited. After 6 months into it, my core friendships broke down and I became the subject of some fairly nasty adult bullying. I was left emotionally wounded. I fell into a depression which was then compounded by these women becoming direct competitors with my business, with no experience at all.  I really did consider throwing in the towel and letting them win. A couple of pivotal conversations I had with my sister and my Husband changed my mind. I decided to go for it and take my business to a completely new level. I invested a couple of thousand dollars, rebranded my entire business and worked my harder than ever to market it. I now have a successful small business, which I may not have had if it weren’t for that competition and the suffering I initially went through. I will be forever indebted to my both my husband and my sister for their unwavering emotional support.  

My business is in a very competitive market so it can be difficult to stand out. Testing products, calculating profit margins, marketing and actually making products can be enormously time-consuming, so if you’re looking to launch your own small business, don’t dive in head first thinking it’ll be easy. Research your market and have a point of difference. Give yourself lots of time to plan, it’ll save heartache and frustration in the long run. Research your insurance, and make sure you are properly covered. Once you have your plan in place, go for it!

After just two years in business, I have a fantastic customer base, and I’ve never felt so successful and fulfilled in my professional life. Personally, I am able to work around my kids, one of whom has special needs. I rarely miss anything they do. I really am very lucky. I only have to look at my social media pages when I need strength when facing challenges. My Instagram page, my emails, and my Facebook reviews are full of reminders that people do genuinely love my products and the way I conduct my business. 

An interaction that stands out for me was with a customer who, for years, had bought “high end” candles from a global candle company. She ordered some products from me, to compare the two. I was blown away when I received the most amazing email from her, thanking me for her order. She told me that she would be buying from my business from now on, instead of the big company. I was chuffed and it gave me great professional satisfaction. And true to her word, there has not been a month go by where she has not placed a large order with me, and she also subscribes to my subscription boxes now each month. This has helped me understand that I’m doing a great job. I love my customers!


The Mishy Moo's Candle Company was formed in August 2015, after Michelle – a lover of all things candle-related – struggled to find beautiful, hand-poured soy candles that were reasonably priced.  Michelle makes all of her products from her home, with extensive testing ensuring each product is of the highest quality. She is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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