The power of good energy

The word creative best describes me. Industrious describes my business, Empower House. That makes for a great team!

There have been some incredible conversations that have helped chart my course in business.  I held an empowerment workshop with a dozen women, all of whom were living in women’s shelters in South East Queensland. When I walked out of that room at the end of the day, every part of me was saying ‘’yep, that’s the shit I need to do for the rest of my life.” That was a good 18 months before I started working for myself, I was still an employee and had a change of occupation, which threw me into finally starting my business.

Just in the last week, I’ve had conversations and messages from three people who have helped me recognise I'm truly on purpose with my business. There’s no better feeling than having those kinds of conversations; a little nod I needed to further confirm that I’m on the right path and people are benefiting from what I’m doing. I had given them my knowledge and it was exactly what they needed when they needed it. To have three different people reach out on almost consecutive days was awesome – I was giving myself a mental high five! I’m always super grateful when someone goes out of their way to let you know something like that. It’s a small gesture but it makes such a huge difference.

I believe that all things – emotion included – are energy. Sometimes things happen and it’s perfectly okay to curl up on the lounge and have a cry, eat some ice cream, drink some wine – whatever your thing is. In fact, I encourage it! The important thing to remember is that whatever the emotion, it can be fuel for whatever you direct it at. If you’re going to wallow then that’s where you’re using the fuel. If you’re going to get up and kick some ass then that’s what you’re letting that energy fuel. I’ll often come up against a challenge or a setback and use my emotional energy as fuel to push through, or find another way around whatever I’m up against. It takes the same amount of energy whether you let things get in your way, or not!

Side note – I’m a big believer in having a night off when you’re having one of those moments when everything seems to be going wrong and you just can’t seem to put a foot right. Take the night, do something you like (even if that’s sitting in silence binging on Netflix) and come back to it tomorrow with a fresh head. We’re human, not robots, so don’t push yourself until you break down! You’re no good to anyone at that point.

The advice I have for anyone about to take the plunge and launch their own business is to get clear on what you really want to do. If you cannot simply and easily explain to someone else what you want to do then you aren’t clear enough on what it is. Clarity is so important, it defines the way you will do everything in your business. If you’re clear on what you’re going to do, then you can also be clear on how you’re going to do it. Then, of course, is the next important part - going ahead and actually doing your thing!


Empower House - Empowering Women.

Through life & business coaching, social media marketing services, content creation services, empowerment retreats and business tools and resources, Empower House empowers women and helps end domestic violence within Australia.  Empower House is based on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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