How to attract new customers and sales (without the sleaze).


I kissed Frankie Bolton on the bus ride home from our class excursion to the planetarium.

He was the classic bad boy; he sat in the back row in class, slung witty remarks at our jaded teachers, and mocked the school’s uniform policy with his Red Hot Chilli Peppers t-shirts. He also possessed the kind of charm that made you feel like you were the hottest girl on the planet.

He wooed me in the same way he dumped me: in a single lunch break sharing love letters, cigarettes and spit - only this time with my friend, Kellie. (I was devastated and cried for like, one whole night.)

Meanwhile, Cass had been dating her best friend for six months. Their romance was worthy of the high school record books and had grown from a rock-solid foundation. Initially, I didn’t understand the attraction; he lacked cool-kid charm and the only thing he gave teachers was his homework, often earlier than necessary. He wore the school’s uniform without fail. He didn’t spend weekends skateboarding or listening to the Chilli Peppers; his mum dropped him off for his regular shift at the supermarket instead.

Come Valentine’s Day, he bought Cass flowers and a ring with the money he saved from stacking supermarket shelves, then lined up  to buy her potato gems and gravy at the canteen, so she didn’t have to.

Thankfully, and unlike my errors in judgement during my teen years, I didn’t fall for the same smooth-talking tactics when I set about building an engaged audience for my business. (And did I mention a wait-list of new clients within 6 months of launching?) Because here’s the thing:

Choosing the right marketing strategy for your business is like knowing what a popular, smooth-talking heart-breaker looks like when you see one, and walking right on by. They might make you feel like a million bucks, but the feeling’s fleeting and the ROI is more abysmal than your boyfriend’s new girlfriend telling you that you’re dumped.

Email marketing might not have the allure or charm of a whiz-bang website or give you the ego-boost that a gazillion followers on social media can. But this nice guy is committed to delivering your business a dreamy ROI, some 500% greater than it’s younger, hotter cousin, social media.

Not only can email marketing help you increase subscriber opt-ins and nurture an engaged list, it’s an amazing way to position yourself as an industry expert and boost enquiries, bookings and sales.

They’re perfect for pre-launch campaigns, new service promotions, and as an evergreen campaign too. This means you can send out valuable content on autopilot to a growing list of subscribers, stop scrambling and work on your business while sales continue to grow - you might even find time for some R&R!  (That’s the equivalent of catching up on gossip with girlfriends at lunchtime while your true love queues for potato gems and gravy on your behalf.)

Are you tired of having your tyres pumped up by vanity metrics, only to watch your sales deflate? Girl, it’s time to tell your marketing strategy to shape up, or ship off.

And when your heart is ready, take a second look at email marketing and the power of growing your list – you know, that steady, reliable, cute-in-its-own-kinda-way option you’d feel proud to introduce to your mother.

Didn’t you realise they’ve been waiting all this time for you and your business to notice them?