If Content is King, Confidence is Queen

What have I been up to? Me? Oh, nothing much. Just dabbling in a bit of this and that. Nothing serious, playing around. More of a hobby really.

You’re enjoying it though?

Enjoying it? I’m loving it! I’ve even had a few orders. Come to think of it, things have started to go nuts in the last few months – I can’t keep up!

There’s already a wait-list for your products?

Well, yeah. But, it’s not like, you know… well I’m not marketing hardcore to drum up pre-sales or anything fancy pants professional.

So your ‘hobby’ brings you paying customers and is growing simply by word of mouth? You haven’t needed to invest any money into marketing?

I probably wouldn’t know where to start! I just post a few pics online and write a little bit about why I love to make these things for my customers. I had 100 shares on my last post, so I guess that’s pretty good? I mean, it’s just little old me…

Do you know any of the people who are buying these from you? Are they just in your local circle of friends?

Oh, no! No, my first few were but lately I’ve had complete strangers order from interstate.

That’s fantastic!

And some more that I’ve sent overseas…

You’re an international artist?!

Ha! What? No!

But you just said your customers…

Yes, they’re here, and overseas. Okay, I get your point, but that’s a bit crazy, I would never call myself an “international artist”! I wouldn’t even call myself artist, ha!

What process is involved in making your products then?

Well, customers email me with a few ideas that they have, and they usually tell me the personal meaning behind why they want this created. I design it, I send them some sketches and help them customise it with different colours and embellishments that they love and we go from there. I couldn’t do it without their input.

Riiiiiight. You’re creating one-of-a-kind privately commissioned pieces?

Bahahaha! No. Hmmmm. Maybe. Am I? Well, I have been doing this for a little while now. And I am getting better. I mean I wouldn’t call myself a professional but I’ve seen other work similar to mine and I can tell when it’s a rush-job, with cheap materials. Now, can I tell you something ridiculous?

You know you’ve just told me so many other ridiculous things?

Fine! No, this one really is ridiculous. Promise you won’t laugh?

Promise. Go on.

Well, I’m thinking of writing a book. You know, teaching other people how to create this stuff. Or run some classes, even weekend retreats! Do you think people would like it? Do you think I’m qualified?

How do you get qualified?

Well, you can’t, of course! There’s no piece of paper to say that you are qualified pro in making this kind of work. Yeah, I see your point. So maybe I am qualified? Wow. I didn’t look at it like that.

And you’re turning a profit, have minimal overheads and have grown your social media following purely on word of mouth because of the quality of your product.

Yes. Yes, I am.

And customers are buying from you and referring you to more clients and you’ve cut back hours at your day job to dedicate more time to your business...

Arghhhhh! My Business?! Oh my gawd! This is freaking me out! I’m running a business? I’m a business woman! But… but… I can’t be! I mean, I’d love to be but surely… I can’t manage all of that!

…while you’re raising a family and coming up with new, scalable ideas for your ‘hobby’ over the long term…

I’m freaking out!

… all single-handedly mind you, to become what it is right now. You’re smashing it! You’re an accomplished artist who creates one-off, custom designed pieces that have been embraced by clients across the globe. Not only do you run a successful business, but one that you’ve built around your family and your love of caring for people through your artwork.


*Props upright*

 I didn’t think this would come as such a shock, I’ve only told you everything you already know.

I’m just saying it like you mean it.