The encore is never an afterthought

It’s astounding what you’ll pay for fifty square centimetres of dance space. Tonight, Row H, seat 45 marks the spot where you're throwing out best dance moves.  Your fold-up plastic chair is tucked hazardously close behind you and puddles of beer soak into the fabric of your new suede ankles boots (shit!) that are the result of years – nay, decades - of window shopping. But this very moment, who cares? The atmosphere is at fever pitch and you’re 84.7% sure that the lead singer just locked eyes with you. The wonderful thing about as you singing at top volume in a stadium full of lunatics is that no-one can hear you miss the high notes.

Then, the inevitable. Instruments down. Exit stage left. You applaud until your hands start to sting. You don’t lose hope...


Miraculously, the band reappears. They’ve saved your favourite track till last. Was it that eye-locking encounter that sealed the deal?  This time, you sing like you mean it; your new BFF in the seat 46 screams, cries, and thankfully doesn’t hear you mumble through that last line because #notquitesodiehard. Suddenly that absurd ticket price (and the suede shoes you just sacrificed) is a bargain.

But like the icing on a prize-winning cake at a country fair , the encore is never an afterthought. 

The song you thought they forgot but surprised you with at the eleventh hour? You buy the merch.

The gifted amuse bouche, a cheeky desert wine on the house and the maître d’ donning your jacket before you tumble out of the restaurant? You tip and give a rave review.

The generous helping of perfume samples with that luxe bottle you’ve finally decided to splurge on? You vow to treat yourself again, and return to the very same store.

Seemingly off-the-cuff gestures are intentionally built into any businesses that stand tall above their competition. They repeatedly leave you feeling like a million bucks and get to watch their bottom line reflect the same, deservedly so.

Whipping out that one last track or serving up the inexpensive gestures, is where an enormous amount of your business’ value - and its remarkability - lies. Dish up a great encore and you’ll have your fans falling hard for the main act.