The single copywriting tip that cats swear by

Do you find yourself cringing at the thought of anyone other than your mum and your cats reading the copywriting that appears on your website? Or do you occasionally leave the land of Facebook to visit your website - you know that one you've been meaning to update foreverrrr - only to swiftly close the browser because your copy is, how do I put it, more awkward than your first pash at a Bluelight disco?

When I tell people I love to write copy for websites, I’m usually asked two questions: Why? Followed swiftly by, How? Why do I get so much enjoyment out of something that leaves others preferring to get up to date on their tax returns for the last 5 years? And how exactly do I approach the mammoth task of overhauling every page of content on someone’s diamond-in-the-rough website?

I'm in the process of putting together a nifty little guide to help rescue savvy women of the business world from wobbly website copy. It should be ready in a month or two, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here's one little tip you may find mighty useful. I read this to my cats, and to my mum first, and they were impressed too.


No-one loves by beige, except teacher grade 5 teacher, who also wore shorts, knee-high socks and sandals all year round, to give you an overall indication of his style and panache. In a competitive, noisy online world, your unique personality matters. And in the lean start-up days of business, sometimes that’s the one secret weapon you can draw on to ensure you stand out.

A brand’s success is built on its likeability, and your customer’s ability to relate to it, trust, and connect with it. A brand needs to be human first, so let yours – or its - personality shine. Just like you would when you meet someone for the first time (in this case, a potential customer,) bring your extrovert to the party. How would you capture their attention? How would you offer a point of difference? How do you ensure you’re memorable? To quote the ever-relevant modern-day philosopher and all round genius, Dr. Seuss, “There is no one alive who is you-er than you”. I encourage you to be yourself.

Don’t get caught up in confusing clinical with professional. Your knowledge will show that you're an expert in your field, and can still have a fun time doing it. How do you engage with your top-of-the-Christmas-list clients in person or over the phone? Keep them in your mind as you’re writing and let your warmth and individualism show. Drop the robotic “we” and overly formal corporate speak.

If you’re still lacking inspiration and hitting serious roadblocks, sure, do some research and explore what kinds of website copy excites you and holds your attention. But don’t let yours be a cookie cutter version (there’s also a naughty word for that: plagiarism). Instead, question what it is you like about their content, what draws you in, what holds your attention? Then garner that inspiration and get ready to tell the world about yourself.

Nami ClarkeComment