The Whole Beast

Does your brand's personality sing with sass and swagger or does your website content reads as though it was thrown together in five minutes ? (Because it was. ) Your very best products and services will sit gathering dust unless they have a consistently powerful message that put them - and you - centre stage. 

Before you tear your hair out over your next webpage update, let me comb through every word, then re-imagine it for you - Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmare style, just a little less sweary. 


Choose from 4 or more services for your website overhaul: 

  • HOMEPAGE featuring all copywriting for an opening mission statement, introduction to you and services, social proof, product or service teasers, or even a client opt-in.

  • ABOUT PAGE (This is my genius zone. No, seriously!) An amazing About page that is created specifically to leave clients wanting to know more about you AND booking your services.

  • PROFESSIONAL BIO will complete your ABOUT PAGE. You'll be provided with both a long and a short version of this, plus a professionally crafted 'pitch' or 'mission' - no more stumbling when you're asked "What do you do?" A Professional Bio will have you sounding like a serious expert, and are also great to use when you provide guest blog posts to other sites, interviews or other media exposure.

  • SERVICES PAGE: Let me create up to 6 product and/or services descriptions. A strong service description will educate, pique interest and even entertain - all while seeing those sales climb.

  • CONTACT PAGE: I'll put together a contact page with the very features it needs plus the often neglected or 'thrown together' follow-up content to send out to clients once they've enquired.

  • SUBSCRIBER OPT-IN GIFT or eBOOK: This guy packs a punch when it comes to motivating clients to hand over their heavily guarded email address to a complete stranger. Hands down one of the best way to grow your database at incredible speed.

  • A TOTAL OF 26 BLOG TOPICS + HEADLINES that will have you ready, set and racing to write effective weekly posts for the next six months. Or space them out to fortnightly and you'll have enough for a whole year... Winning!

  • Handpick from your existing blog content and I'll edit, buff, polish and breathe new life into 4 BLOG POSTS. Now you'll have content to kick-start with for the next four weeks of your website relaunch.  


All website overhauls include a 60-MINUTE STRATEGY SESSION.  We'll discuss your vision for your brand's voice, an analysis of each page on your existing site, and guidance on must-have web pages and key content. 

Ready to tame the beast? Let's go.