"I achieved in three months what would normally take me three years - I can't believe how much my self-confidence has grown. People now see me as a real business woman. So do I."

With more than 10 years of business ownership under my belt, I'll help you navigate from Situation: Blah to Destination: Hurrah! Man, I love a good roadtrip! Weekly coaching sessions devoted to all the planning, goal setting and personal growth you can handle.

From complete career and business makeovers to simply polishing the edges, I'll hold your hand the whole way (but not too tight). Pinky promise. 



A shiny, user-friendly (gasp!) website complete with professional photography and remarkable written content will rocket your biz into the next stratosphere. Okay,  I am getting a little dramatic there with the stratospheres. But believe me when I say this: you won't need to take out a second mortgage to fund it.

I have drilled down to the best platforms to suit your business from e-commerce stores, online portfolios or information based sites.   Launch it and leave it or continually add and modify it.

Your products and services + pro imagery + professional copywriting + top-notch new website = KA-FREAKING-POW.