Website copywriting + content strategy for women who mean business.

something a bit off about your website copy? *sniff, sniff*


Maybe it’s the lack of enquiries? The trickle of bookings? Or the sparse sales, tyre-kickers and repeated cancellations that have left you thinking that being in business sometimes, well, stinks.

Or maybe business is humming along just nicely thank you very much, but you’re worried your online content doesn’t quite align with your brand cred.

What if I told you that the secrets to upping enquiries, bookings and sales could be tackled in a matter of hours? At a fraction of the price for bespoke copywriting? And that you’ll be working one-on-one with yours truly?

Beige to Badass coaching + strategy sessions dish the dirt on why you’re attracting nightmare clients (or none), why people close their browser before they finish reading your homepage, and the simple mistakes most small business owners make that send would-be customers running. And what to do about it.  

Hold my beer. This sh*t’s about to get more exciting than a bonus dim-sim on fish and chip night.


"I had spoken to other copywriters and one of those calls left me more confused than when I started. When I spoke to Nami, it was like a breath of fresh air as she totally understood everything I was up against, asked the right questions and we just clicked. After our first session I pretty much locked in for the day / evening as I literally could not stop writing"


"I needed to update my website, but with the tech AND the content needing attention, I just kept putting it off. After talking with Nami and having her professional eyes on my site I am excited to get into it. She helped me to understand what I needed to do to improve it and used concrete examples. I would highly recommend her services."


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What’s the chop?

Each Beige to Badass strategy + coaching session is tailored to suit you and your business, but expect yours to include:  

  • Me, with my hardhat and flashlight, combing through your homepage, About page, contact, services/sales pages or most recent blog posts. This happens on the same day of our meeting, but I’ll go this part alone - it gets wild out there!

PLUS a 60 or 120-min Zoom session where we’ll get real about what’s working in your business and what’s not, and the simple changes you can make to your copywriting to turn things around – BYO wine.

PLUS an action-packed check list (ready in 3 days) to help you:  

  • Attract ideal clients and eliminate the PITA’s (pains in the ass)

  • Sell what your clients really want to buy from you

  • Bring your best assets into the spotlight that are buried in a sea of text (that readers never see).

  • Eliminate simple mistakes that make customers put away their credit card or leave your site

  • Grow your subscriber list so you have an engaged audience to sell to

  • Increase sales without lowering your prices

  • Elevate your expertise and position yourself as the go-to of your industry

  • Pitch your services without sounding like a desperate second-hand car dealer

  • Quit slaving over blog posts and maximise the power of your existing content

  • and then some...




  • Behind the scenes audit

  • 60 mintues Zoom time

  • Homepage roadmap with key content frames

  • Instructions + guidance for writing content sections

  • Suggestions on headlines + taglines

  • Call to action cheat sheet

  • Ideas and feedback on DIY content marketing

  • 15+ point action plan




Includes Homepage and Sales/Services page. Plus your choice of About page, Subscriber Opt-in, Blog, or Contact page.

  • Behind the scenes comprehensive audit

  • Up to 120 minutes Zoom time

  • Homepage roadmap with key content frames

  • Template for writing your Services/ Sales page

  • Instructions + guidance for writing copy across all pages selected

  • Suggestions on headlines + taglines

  • Call to action cheat sheet

  • Ideas and feedback on DIY content marketing

  • 25+ point action plan




Just say the word! You can decide before or session, or up to 30 days after our session. Prices start at AU$190.