How did I go from complete unknown to copywriting boss*?

*Client’s words, not mine.

Yep, I really did go from launching to booked-out in 6 months.

It wasn’t because of a my dedication to social media; I still have less than 500 followers on Instagram. It wasn’t thanks to my hefty marketing budget; I didn’t spend a cent on Facebook ads or traditional advertising. And it certainly wasn’t because I hit the speaking circuit or drummed up a media storm. In fact, I attracted bookings and international clients without even leaving my house.

But how?

So how is ihome-basedbusinesses How can it be that businesses with a fraction of your social media following seem to be kicking some serious business butt? 

The eBook Entourage

Business owners who actively grow their subscriber list are also building one of their greatest - and highly responsive - business asset. So what is one of the quickest, easiest, cost-effective ways to do this?  *Drum roll…*  It's with an opt-in eBook (that your subscribers will actually thank you for.)

These business-boosting eBooks will grow your grow your tribe, build your subscriber list, position you as an expert and have a big impact on enquiries, bookings and sales. It's perfect for pre-launch, new product and service promotion, or on an ongoing basis. Your eBook opt-in is created with a seven-part strategy complete with email content, carefully crafted email subject lines for optimum open rates, a social media post to promote your eBook and of course, the hero piece itself. 

But don’t let that overwhelm you – I got this.


60 minute strategy session to plan the perfect eBook for your target market.

Content research and development

The RIGHT content for your landing page, social media post, emails and all other supporting copy

Your eBook complete with killer title and professional author bio (that’s you!)

30-minute revision meeting if required.

Up to 2 rounds of edits.