Website copywriting + content strategy for women who mean business.

From Complete Unknown to Copywriting Boss*

*Client’s words, not mine.


Yep. I was crazy enough to launch a business in an industry I had zero experience. But within 6 months I had to politely ask enquiries to take a ticket, ploise.

It wasn’t my unhealthy commitment to social media, multiple credit cards funding a Goliath marketing campaign, or a collab with friends in high places that shot this business out of the barriers. I still have less than 500 followers on Instagram, I didn’t spend a cent on Facebook ads or traditional advertising, and it had nothing to do with smart company, luck or bargain-basement prices. In fact, clients insisted on working with me even when my prices were double their initial budget.

So how does the new kid on the block - or an established business owner - amass a client list that circles the block?

*Drum roll*


Meet Your eBook EntouragE


Email marketing - while not as sexy as it’s younger, hotter, more popular cousin - outperforms social media marketing with a whopping 500% higher ROI.* And it’s precisely how you my friend, can increase subscriber opt-ins, nurture an engaged list, position yourself as an industry expert and boost your enquiries, bookings and sales.

Perfect for pre-launch, new service promotions, or evergreen campaigns, your eBook sits within a seven-part subscriber opt-in strategy. It comes complete with social media posts, landing page content, individual emails - with carefully crafted email subject lines for optimum open rates - and the hero piece itself, your eBook. 

A subscriber list can be one of the greatest assets of service-based business owners. And the quickest way to grow yours? With content that your subscribers will actually thank you for.


ditch the email overwhelm - I got this.



  • 60 minute strategy session to plan the perfect eBook for your target market.

  • Concept development + content research

  • 2 x social media posts that’ll kick-start your sequence

  • Landing page copy + subscriber instructions

  • Three-part email sequence to convert subscribers to customers

  • Email subject lines, from fields, and text previews for optimum open rates.

  • eBook content (approx. 1800 - 2500 words)

  • Your professional bio to feature in your eBook

  • 30-minute meeting post-delivery and up to 2 rounds of edits (if required).

  • *Does not include graphic design for eBook or tech set up, however some guidance will be provided.



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