Frequently Asked Questions


What do you do?

I help people forge an amazing connection between their business and their customers.  So many businesses boast incredible products and services, yet fail to utilise the most powerful tool available to them - language.  I train business owners and staff on what effective communication sounds and feels like, write content for print material, web content, editorial articles, social media posts and also provide one-on-one business coaching. And I throw out high fives, often.

Why do you do what you do?

Several years ago, broken down on the back roads of What-The-Hell-Am-I-Doing-With-My-Life (population: me) I embarked long, arduous on a journey of self discovery. Okay, confession - I did a three day intensive with a bunch of fabulous people who wanted a bit more oomph in their lives. We hugged (often), high-fived (a lot), cried (not as much) and rap-jumped off a seven story building. That last point may be irrelevant, but impressive, so I had make mention of it.  In short - hallelujah! - I discovered the three qualities I value most are CONNECTION, CREATIVITY and COMMUNICATION. The Prom Queen ticks all the boxes for me. I love the feeling of truly connecting with others. I love the creative process and am fascinated by the power authentic communication can generate. I also get a real kick of seeing other people thrive. In the words of one my fave women, Brene Brown: "We are wired for connection."

Where are you located?

I live in sunny Melbourne and work with clients across the world.

I can't decide which service I need most. Do you offer packages?

Yes, I do. Let's chat about the goals you have for yourself and your business, which services will benefit you the most. I can also let you know which services compliment one another.

I'm not in business, yet. Can you help me get started?

Joining forces with me at the beginning of your business journey is a smart move. We can outline clear business goals, marketing strategies and how to best connect your ideal audience with your product or services - and the confidence to step up and shine. 

Will my investment be worth it?

Yes. I'm selective about the clients I work with and I only ever partner with like-minded souls who I believe will benefit from my expertise. If I don't think we're a great fit I'll be honest and let you know. Whilst you might mistake what I'm about to say for bragging (fine) my proudest moment recently was when a client - after working with me for just  three months - explained they'd quit their day job to run their business, nine months earlier than planned!  

Do you run group workshops or classes?

Yes. I'd love to chat with you further about what I can deliver to you and your team.