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Always a bridesmaid, never the bride prom queen?

I know that skip in your step, the one that comes with the glistening potential of your small business. Services? Incredible. Expertise? On tap. Enthusiasm? Like Kevin Bacon on the dance floor in 1984.

But getting customers to your website is hard. Assuring them you’re the real deal? Even harder. And vying for the next dance with a customer only to be told “I’ve decided to go with someone else” is more eye-watering than a blistered pinky in a new pair of heels. Black suede pumps with gold sequined detailing, for the record.

Now, before you quit this #bossbabe dream and hightail it back to your day job, allow me to grab you by the shoulders, spin you to face me and declare: "Hell no!" (Okay, now you bite your lip to fight tears of sweet relief and whisper, "Today... we slay.")

It’s time to shake online imposter syndrome and take your brand message from Work Experience Kid to Corner Office mode. With views. And a parking space. And lunchtime karaoke, obvs.

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I’m Nami Clarke. Word wrangler. Small biz big thinker. Content auditor - minus the socks and sandals.

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If the hat doesn’t fit, wear a crown.

Content strategy, copy audits and website copywriting more bedazzling than a disco ball. Because no one remembers the store-bought party pies.

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Content Strategy

Coaching and copy audits to take your biz from woe to woah.

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Lead Magnets

Attract perfect-fit clients.

Lots of them.

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Website Copywriting

Edits and overhauls that’ll boost sales and fast-track that Dear John letter to your boss.

An absolute copywriting boss.
— Nikki Gonda, My Moon Box
The best investment I’ve made in my business to date.
THE superstar you need to bring your business to the next level!
Just what the Dr. ordered for me and my business.
— Alison Mercer, Greencube Wines
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