Website copywriting + content strategy for women who mean business.



Confession time:

How many hours/ days/ weeks have you spent trying to pin down the perfect website template only to discover that the hardest part is yet to come – you’ve got to figure out what to write on the damn thing?

 What do you write about?

How much do you write?

How do you make it sound interesting?

What essential ingredients does your homepage need?

Could your homepage actually be costing you customers?


You wouldn’t attempt putting IKEA furniture together without the instructions, would you? (Please tell me you wouldn’t, you cute little rebel you.)  So, why try writing your homepage – that glorious virtual shop front meant to entice customers into your business – without a plan, the right parts, or any idea of what the finished result should look like?

Getting the right copy in all the right places on your homepage can be the difference between customers showing up or shipping out. And it just so happens (surprise!) that I have the perfect step-by-step homepage instruction guide in my hot little hands.


Hit a homepage home run


Need a done-for-you copywriting service including head-turning headlines, sales-inducing calls to action, and engaging text that’ll have your readers keen to hear more about you and your business? I got you covered.

Or, get down and wordy with one-on-one copy coaching. Learn my strategy for writing homepages, get clear about your customer and what they really want to buy from you (it mightn’t be what you think), and plug the homepage leaks that are costing you enquiries, bookings and sales.


"My biggest concern with my previous content was that it was just boring and didn’t make me stand out in the crowd. Now I feel like I am special and accurately represented on the screen. Nami is an extraordinary talent & has an amazing ability, not only with words, but to interpret your business needs. She takes great care to get to know you and your business so the copy she writes represents you perfectly! It’s like you wrote it yourself, except it’s a million times better! "


"Nami radiates with servitude, humour and knowhow. Best of all, Nami believes in women embracing life with a small business."


Homepage copywriting Prom Queen.jpg


  • Behind the scenes audit of your homepage

  • 60 mintues Zoom time

  • Homepage roadmap with key content frames

  • Instructions + guidance for writing content sections

  • Suggestions on headlines + taglines

  • BONUS Call to action cheat sheet

  • Ideas to grow your subscriber list via your homepage



  • Comprehensive content questionnaire via email.

  • Industry research and concept/ theme development,

  • Content creation

  • Phone catch-up to fill in any blanks if required.

  • Content reviewed by professional proofreader

  • Supply of first draft

  • 30-minute meeting to discuss revisions.

  • Up to two revisions