Sales Pages Title

The real reason most online courses/ masterclasses/ premier events/ [INSERT THING YOU PINNED ALL HOPES AND DREAMS TO HERE] flop?

It isn’t because they’re poor quality, or that the price point is too high, or that the business owner is just starting out, or because you skimped on that audio recording equipment that would’ve taken you till 2035 to clear from your credit card.


The real reason most significant online offerings flop faster than a dog* in a Californian heatwave is because:

Creating something your customers need…

…is altogether different to knowing how to make them fall in love with it.  

In my work of creating long-form sales pages for savvy, female, solopreneurs I discovered this to be painfully, eye-wateringly, rock-in-your-shoe kind of true. But the guts of the matter? Many grossly underestimated the gap between creating their course and selling the damn thing. And if they didn’t, they don’t know what arsenal, supplies, and appropriate footwear is needed for this kind of journey.

Before you throw your laptop out the window in frustration of DIY sales copy that’s as exciting as Tuna Mornay on date night (effortless but bland, sloppy and no-one’s coming back for seconds), there’s just one thing that might salvage this sorry situation.  (And no, it’s not Tuna Mornay leftovers tricked as jaffles. I don’t pull those kinds of stunts.)

Introducing Prom Queen’s “Mightier Than the Sword” Sales Copy.

Pitch it. Pitch it good.

  • HEART TO HEART. Let’s jump on the phone and pick over your course content or service offering like a ham on Christmas day. I’ll help you crack the code to identifying the all-important why behind what you’re selling and we’ll weed out the top three things that’ll stop customers from hitting the BUY NOW button.

  • SALES PAGE FRAMEWORK QUESTIONNAIRE that’ll establish your brand voice, core message, your niche market and what will motivate them to buy from you.  We’ll discover why you’re an industry leader in your own right, and dust off the awards and accolades you’ve had stashed at the back of the cupboard. 

  • SIT BACK AND RELAX. Actually, don’t - keep working on your beautiful business. But leave me to take care of the rest.

  • BASK IN THE GLORY OF YOUR SALES PAGE  within ten business days. I call it a draft, but many clients have immediately uploaded their snazzy new content, shook my hand and declared, “Oh, I could KISS you!”  

  • 30-MINUTE REVISION MEETING will be held (if required) one week after I slide your first draft across the table, so we can iron out any creases you might have identified. 

  • AN EXTRA BUFF AND POLISH. A revised draft delivered with love, based on our combined brainpower from our previous 30-minute meeting.

  • NEED A FINAL 15-MINUTE MEETING? No problem, you can add this by request at no charge, along with a third and final draft.


Let’s rock the hell out of your online course, remove buyer obstacles, position you as an industry expert and wipe the cold sweat from your brow while we’re at it. Sound good? Hearing your biz ring in the sales doesn’t sound too bad either.