Website copywriting + content strategy for women who mean business.

Pitch it. Pitch it REAL good.


Tough day at the office?


Maybe your prices are too high? Perhaps there’s just too much competition? Could it be because you’re an industry new-comer? Or that your brand needs a makeover? Or… I know - you skimped on that fancy podcast recording equipment that would’ve taken you until 2035 to clear from your credit card, didn’t you?

Could this be why sales are so slow?

(No. the answer is no.)

Between you and me, my sweet little chorizo, the real reason most services/ online courses/ masterclasses/ in-person events/ [*INSERT THE THING YOU PINNED ALL HOPES AND DREAMS ON*] flop is because:


creating something customers need isn’t the same as knowing how to make them fall in love with it.


Through my experience of crafting sales pages for savvy, female, solopreneurs I discovered the above to be eye-wateringly, painfully true. Either, business owners underestimate the gap between creating a service and selling the damn thing, or they’re unsure what arsenal, supplies, snacks, and appropriate footwear is required for the adventure ahead.

If your DIY sales copy is exciting as Tuna Mornay on date night (effortless but bland, sloppy and no-one’s coming back for seconds), I’ve got just the thing to salvage this sorry situation.  (For the record, it isn’t leftover Tuna Mornay tricked up as jaffles. I don’t pull those kinds of stunts.)


"Nami CRUSHED my website copy! My rebranding felt like such a huge and complicated conquest- until I met Nami. She was able to take my jumbled ideas and pull them into something cohesive, gorgeous, and authentic. Now my website sounds like me (but better!). I'll be using her amazing one-liners all across my web presence, and I'm finally excited to send potential clients to my website!"


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  • 60 minute heart to heart. Let’s jump on the phone and pick over your service offering like a ham on Christmas day. I’ll help you identify your niche market and the all-important why behind what you’re selling, and we’ll weed out what’s stop customers from hitting that BUY NOW button.

  • Content research and development. 

  • Sales page copywriting for up to 3 services


    Sales page copywriting for 1 x online course

  • 30-minute revision meeting to iron out any creases around one week after I slide your first draft across the table

  • Up to 2 rounds of edits provided based on our combined brainpower from our previous 30-minute meeting.