Beige to Badass Content Strategy Session

Beige to Badass Content Strategy Session

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Tired of throwing copy at the wall and hoping it’ll stick?

Let’s be real - your girlfriends at book club don’t have the heart to tell you why your copy is killing your enquiries, booking and sales.

Beige to Badass Content Strategy Sessions dish the dirt on why you’re attracting nightmare clients (or none at all), why customers don’t think you’re credible and why people are ditching your website before they’ve even finished reading your homepage.

Get a 90 minute Content Strategy Session and customised 20+point action list.

Straight up, no BS advice that’d make your book club blush (but feel relieved someone finally told you). Discover how to:

  • Keep your customers engaged on your website

  • Attract your ideal clients

  • Grow your subscriber list so you have an audience to sell to

  • Increase sales without lowering your prices

  • Elevate your expertise and start positioning yourself as the go-to of your industry

  • Pitch your services without sounding like a desperate second-hand car dealer

  • Make your existing copy work harder for you

and then some...

Hit the link and add your name, email address and the link to your website. You’ll receive your report in just 5 business days, woo hoo!

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