Nikki Gonda My Moon Box.png
Before I found Nami to help me with my content I was really struggling to find a balance between sounding professional & informative whilst also being able to put my personality and humour into my writing. I’m such a perfectionist and control freak, so being brave enough to put my voice into another’s hands was a difficult leap for me. However it was THE best decision ever. As well as just being a legend of a human being, Nami Clarke is an absolute copywriting boss! I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to take their content and business to the next level. I feel so much more confident sharing my content after Nami works her magic. Thanks girl!
— Nikki Gonda, My Moon Box

Sarah Willmott.png
I’m not much of a writer or a wordy person and I wanted to give my new little website some sparkle. My vision was to be fun, and take boring product descriptions and turn them into unique blurbs that my audience can connect with and relate to. And that is exactly what I received, plus a wonderful  About Me page and Home Page blurb. I couldn’t be happier. I enjoyed reading about my own website and products! 
On a personal level Nami is the nicest person to work with, I enjoyed chatting with her and seeing how she worked and developed her ideas. I suspect I will be working with Nami for many other occasions to come. 
— Sarah Willmott, Beau Bright

Jolena Pereeia 2018.png
Before I reached out to Nami, I was trying to manage everything on my own - and struggling! I was hesitant to hand over the vocal reins to someone outside the business and felt like ‘I know my business the best’ but Nami was truly a breath of fresh air to our business. She took what we are about & delivered it in clear & concise copy that formed the way we now speak with our audience & clients. I felt so relieved to have been able to handball this task to someone that was competent enough to take it all in & run with it.
— Jolena Lallo, Pereeia

Alison Mercer 2018.png
Nami is just what the Dr. ordered for me and my business. I was reluctant to give someone else the lead on our content but she knew just what to ask to find the right voice for my brand. I was blown away with the result of our website pages, blog and cleaning up of our business message. I’ll be arranging more work for her soon... I hope she can fit me in!
— Alison Mercer, Founder, The Green Cube

Makeup by Diane.png
I was always worried about what I was putting on my website, if it was right, if it made any sense etc. Nami just got me straight off the bat and wrote how I speak/ would like to write but with her little twist. I have had so many comments about the content writing and how well it is written and people don’t realise I had any help with it. That’s what Nami does and does it so well, she writes to make it sound like you. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nami and the Prom Queen and I cannot wait to work with her more in the future.
— Diane Pizol, Makeup By Diane

Copywriting for The Vintage Kitchen.png
I expected to receive a lovely “About Me” page and bio for my website. What I didn’t expect was to become so much more clear about how I’m solving my clients problems, why I’m doing this, how I should be speaking to my client and about my business in general. Nami has been the best investment I’ve made in my business to date.

Donna Irish founder of Annod Skincare.png
A huge THANK YOU to Nami for getting a clear, concise message for my natural skincare products and all within a very tight time frame. Nami was able to extract my message that had been so difficult for me to articulate. Not only is Nami friendly and professional, she has a very nurturing nature that you connect with easily and she turns a process that was feeling stressful into an easy, done-for-you exercise. I will definitely use Nami in the future and I highly recommend her for other women struggling with their written words.
— Donna Ireland, founder, Annod Natural Skincare

Nikki King Photography
I highly recommend Nami. She has helped take my business to the next level by writing amazing copy, structuring by business workflow and creating awesome marketing material. Nami has increased my brand, reputation and awareness. I couldn’t be happier with the products and level of service Nami provides.
— Nikki King, Nikki King Photography

Paula Tucker SparkCFO.png
Nami has been amazing. She was able to quickly grasp me and my business and our message. She’s a great communicator and kept me up-to-date throughout the whole process, nothing was too much trouble. I could not be happier with our amazing home page and I would not hesitate to recommend Nami to anyone wanting to transform their words into something truly amazing.
— Paula Tucker, Spark CFO

Candice Chia Kendice Creative 2018.png
Nami is THE superstar you need to bring your business to the next level! We couldn’t be happier to engage Nami to do our copywriting. This woman can sell ice to Eskimos! She has the perfect balance of wit and punch to bring your brand to life! We highly recommend her.
— Candice Chia - Kendice Creative

Renee Brazel Photography.png
Nami is an outstanding modern wordsmith. Her way with words are entertaining, interesting and bang on point!
— Renee Brazel, Renee Brazel Photography

Alyce Pilgrim 2018.png
Nami’s writing has a wonderful way of forming connections and hitting people right in the feels. Wonder Woman right here!
— Alyce Pilgrim, Life On Your Terms

Sarah Leung Healthy Energy.png
Nami’s content has made me laugh and made me cry. She’s definitely qualified to teach you a thing or two.
— Sarah Leung, Healthy Energy